Soccer Pups

Teach your children about the wonderful game of soccer, while also developing their social skills, small motor skills, teamwork, and relationships

The Soccer Pups developmental progressive youth soccer program is for any Pup (child, 3-6), where they can participate in the Academy skills training, compete in 4v4 leagues, or bring along their friends for a private party!

Pups that are between 6 and 9 can also take their soccer skills to the next level through the Soccer Pups Academy!

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to help encourage and cultivate the physical, mental, and emotional growth and development of kids through our soccer training programs.

We promise to provide a fun, safe, exciting, and stimulating environment for all children.

Join the Soccer Pups Pack
as a Franchisee!

Soccer Pups is nothing like what’s out there. It’s geared specifically for young children during those important development years – and parents and kids can’t get enough of it! Interested in joining the Soccer Pups Pack as a franchisee? Let’s talk!

Meet Tim Medina and Noel Rubert

Soccer Pups Founders

Welcome to the Soccer Pups Pack! As founders of the original Soccer Pups program, we know how incredible it is to have each child truly experience the joy and fun Soccer Pups provides to our youth.

We incorporate the use of innovative games, exercises, and a nurturing environment to create a paw-sitive experience for all children!